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Rock Paper Scissors DRAW!

AD LUNAM brings to life the classic Rock Paper Scissors game with a more modern twist that promises to keep every player engaged!

97 / 95 / 93 / 90

Full range of RTP Variants available

100x Max. Multiplier

Casual play focus max exposure of 5,000

0.10 / 100.0

Min. / Max. Stake

3 Betting Options

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Quick, Simple, Yet Engaging Gameplay

Place Your Bets

Set your stake, and select your betting option.

Rock, Paper, Scissors…DRAW!

Wins payout a multiplier, and Draws increase the potential multiplier for the next round.

Track your Progress

Each Draw achieved increases the amount you can win; draw enough times in a row and win even if you lose!

Assets and Documentation