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Theseus Rises




In the heart of Crete lies a palace of splendour, with a menacing secret – a most ominous Labyrinth housing a monster of legendary proportions – The Minotaur.

Join the mighty warrior Theseus in his efforts to defeat the mighty beast, with help from King Minos's daughter; Ariadne, along the way. This slot of epic proportions packs a hearty 1024 win ways into the epic battle between man and beast.

Watch out for the battle on the reels – Theseus and the Minotaur face off in a duel of strengths to reward you with a sticky wild and a multiplier, but only if Theseus prevails!

The battle is not over with a victory – the bonus round sees you helping Theseus gain his freedom from the ominous depths of the Labyrinth and back into the realm of plentiful riches. Take caution and courage in your adventure into mythical Greece, battling one of the mightiest creatures of legend and bestowing in the glory – and big wins.

Game Details

RTP Variants 96
Volatility Medium - High
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 50.00
Max. Multiplier 7,500x
UKGC Certified Yes

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